This was one of the first really “staged” shots Roman and I had ever done. By that I mean, this was the first shot where we were in control of all of the lighting (to a degree due to limited supplies) and most of the composition.

The interrogation room was a small room with some washing machines just out of shot, which made composing the shot a little difficult. We hung our flashlights from the turned-off fluorescent lights on the ceiling, put some on the floor directly in front of the cameras, put one on the seat behind Roman, and put some on the washing machines (which faced the chair Roman was tied to). These gave us the shadows on both walls (more notably on the left wall in Roman’s picture), and some dramatic lighting on the table and gun. For the final shot, we used topaz adjust 4 in post-processing for the movie-like charcoal effect.

The shot paired with this article was directed and taken with a 10s timer by me, and the one in the portfolio is Roman’s take. The lighting was the same… it is amazing what only 5 flashlights can accomplish – so don’t be discouraged if you don’t have any fancy bounce flashes or studio lighting! Just get out there, have fun, and experiment! It can’t hurt :)


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