Water Droplets

Checkered Splash

Figure 1

Water droplet pictures are a staple for macro photography. They can be very tricky to get, but the results are well worth the effort. You can try the natural way – by waiting in the rain for hours (figure 2) – or you can try our set up (figure 3). The basic premise is poking a small hole into a trash bag to get a predictably place, small drop of water. You set up a container of choice and a background if desired (in this case, a brownie tray and a checker board) directly under the hole you poked in the trash bag.
Flash Freeze

Figure 2

Try to eliminate wind and put your finger where the drops have been consistently landing. By focusing on your finger, you will be in focus for the following few drops of water. Try to refocus every few shots just to stay on the safe side. Now take your eye away from your viewfinder and have your finger ready on the shutter release. Get used to the timing of the falling drops and shoot away! Don’t be discouraged if your first few shots don’t work, the first shot of the post took about 45 minutes to take and the second took roughly an hour.
splash set up

Figure 3

Good Luck!


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