Dominant Color Challenge

If you are bored and temporarily out of ideas for things to photograph, try any one of the photography challenges posted on this site! Get your creative juices flowing and after taking your picture, you can comment with a link to your picture! To see the other challenges simply click on the “Photography Challenges” category on the right. If you want, you can even join our flickr group HERE, and post your pictures there!
Move Centered

This challenge is pretty simple. Try to take a picture with a dominant color. The color should take up most (if not all) of the picture. In the example shot above, the dominant color is simply just black. You can do any color you choose, but the trick is to not edit your picture in any way to achieve your chosen color. Converting it to black and white works, but only if certain subjects of your picture are either black or white. In the example, the car moving left is black, including the two parked cars on both sides of the picture. In general each corner is black and therefore converting to black and white worked.


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