Movie Poster Challenge

If you are bored and temporarily out of ideas for things to photograph, try any one of the photography challenges posted on this site! Get your creative juices flowing and after taking your picture, you can comment with a link to your picture! To see the other challenges simply click on the “Photography Challenges” category on the right. If you want, you can even join our flickr group HERE, and post your pictures there!

Daily Challenge: Movie Poster
Okay, our first ever challenge will be to create a movie poster based off of any movie you choose. No text or anything of the sorts, a simple picture will suffice. It can represent a scene from the movie you choose, it could be your own representation of the entire movie itself, or it could even just represent its title. Name/Title your picture after the movie, and that it is it, you’re done! The above picture is a representation of American Gangster.


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