Odd Portrait Challenge

If you are bored and temporarily out of ideas for things to photograph, try any one of the photography challenges posted on this site! Get your creative juices flowing and after taking your picture, you can comment with a link to your picture! To see the other challenges simply click on the “Photography Challenges” category on the right. If you want, you can even join our flickr group HERE, and post your pictures there!
Daily Challenge: Odd Portrait

This photo challenge is a twist on a staple of photography. The idea behind the challenge is to take a nice portrait shot (hopefully better than my self portrait example picture!) in a very atypical setting. Try to find a place where “portrait photography” is the last thing that springs to mind! For example, one time Roman and I were visiting Eastern State Penitentiary to take pictures, and I had him stand in the rubble of a broken down cell for a portrait – which is certainly different to say the least. The idea is to push the boundaries of what is considered a standard picture, and to really utilize concepts such as juxtaposition! So go exploring! Find those broken buildings, those remote locations, those beautiful unknown parts of the world, and then take a shot!

Note: this picture was taken during the remodeling of my parents’ bathroom, while the walls were being torn down. I say this to prove the point that no place is too outlandish, so really go have some fun!


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