Featured: Ben Visbeek

Sunset over the Mekong River
Taken By: Ben Visbeek
Interested in travel? This is the feature for you. I have hardly looked over 10 pages of this photostream, and I am already blown away by the variety of things and places that Ben has photographed. They are all so well composed and just plain interesting. So go, and explore vicariously through today’s feature! Enjoy :)
(PS – I had to put this picture in here just because of the sheer magnitude of the shot… it stuck out to me for some reason)
Getting that true depth hiking feeling in Germany


2 responses to “Featured: Ben Visbeek

  1. WOW! Outstanding shots! If he hadn’t included the canoe in the first shot, I wouldn’t have really felt the true size of the lake and overarching clouds. The color is beautiful. And the mountain! Makes me totally want to be up there taking in the vistas! The mountains behind him look so awesomely HUGE! (Sorry, the right words and adjectives escape me at the moment!)

  2. The world we live in is very amazing, that much is certainly true. That’s why I love photography; it can capture the natural beauty of where we live. From arching vistas and waterscapes to the beauty in the everyday objects around us. It certainly is an enjoyable hobby or even just something to browse online :) Thanks for commenting!

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