Featured: Justin Quinnell

Taken By: Justin Quinnell

This photograph is very special. Can you guess why? Because the exposure for this shot was 15,552,000 seconds – that’s six months! The lines of light are actually the trails left over by the sun! The lines might be spotted in certain areas due to cloud cover on that specific day. Quinnell has several six month exposure shots, but this one has a special meaning to it. His father died during the time he was exposing the shot, so now he can pin point precisely where the sun was at the time of his father’s death.

The lowest trail starts out with the winter solstice, a time when the sun barely rose in the sky at all. The lines at the top that veer out of view, are the lines from entire summer days. The coolest thing about this picture is that you are actually viewing six months worth of history. Justin Quinnell is a renowned pin-hole photographer. Check out his site for more pictures. (Link above.)


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