Featured: cchjr chen

Taken By: cchjr chen
For those of you who have been following this site from the start (if there are any of you other than Roman and myself :P ) you will know that star trails have a special place in our hearts. One of our very first tutorials and experiences that we wrote about was how frustrating photographing the night sky and editing it all together was. Well, this picture is a prime example of star trails done properly. This picture makes great use of the light in the foreground, which happened to have moving cars. The creativity of the car trails and star trails in addition to the vanishing point of view drew me into the picture and made me stop to look at all of the little details. So, enjoy :)

End Note: today (yesterday according to the wordpress timezone) cchjr chen uploaded a new even better star trail that is even better than the one I just featured in my opinion! But, I already wrote up this feature, so here is a note to remind you to CHECK THE PHOTO STREAMS OF OUR FEATURES! THEY ARE AWESOME. Here is the link a second time


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