Featured: Ben Heine

Paris from the Eiffel TowerFeatured: Ben Heine

This was possibly the first inspiring picture I saw that made me want to strive to be a better photographer. I knew I had liked photography but after a couple of un-inspirational months I was getting weary of trying to get nice shots with no avail. It was around the time I first created my flickr. Since most of my flickr photostream was just being used as storage, I would spend my “frickr” time looking at explored photos. I came across this picture and even now think back to it whenever the words “good” (or any other synonym of the word) and “picture” are used in the same sentence. The shot itself is made up of 12 pictures stitched together. It took Heine two days to completely edit this to perfection. Very cool picture Heine, congrats.


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