Stereographic Panorama Tutorial

Here is a quick list of steps to follow when making your own stereographic panorama image, this list is to be followed while watching the video, or as a reminder after having viewed the video:

  • Open photoshop. Go to file, scroll down to automate, and click on photomerge.
  • In the layout section make sure auto is selected, and below the current files box make sure, blend, vignette, and geometric distortion correction are all selected and turned on as well.
  • Once you select the pictures you want to turn into a panorama, click OK and photoshop will start merging them for you.
  • Once the panorama has been created and you have selected an area you would like to crop to, define the selected are by clicking select, transform selection, and edit your selection. Hit enter when you are done tuning your selection.
  • Having completed that, go up and click on edit, copy merged, and finally go up and click on file, and create a new document. Keep all of the specifications the way they are, and click OK.
  • After having created your new image, click on image, image size, and change either the width or height to equal the other, thereby creating a square.
  • Once your image is transformed into a square, go to image, image rotation, and click on 180 degrees.
  • Finally, go up and click on filter, distort, and polar coordinates which will open up a new window box. In this window box make sure, rectangular to polar is selected and click OK.
  • You are now done, simply finish up your picture by touching up some errors you find and editing it to your liking.

Here is a finished product of the picture used as an example in the video.

Marsh Creek Lake World


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