Photoshop Tutorial: Antique Effect

Shortened Quick Follow Guide:

  • Open Photoshop and open the picture you want to edit
  • Go up to Layer, New, Layer. Then change the drop-down menu to overlay. Check off the box underneath the drop-down menu.
  • With your newly created layer selected, go up to filter, noise, add noise. Set the options to your preferences and click OK.
  • Create a new layer, fill the layer with all white, go up to filter, texture, and click on grain. Change the grain type to vertical. Change the remaining settings to whatever you prefer and click OK. Now change the layer type from “Normal” to “Multiply“.
  • Create a new layer, making sure it is positioned between the first two layers in the layers panel box. Fill this new layer with white. Go up to filter, then render, and click on Difference Clouds.
  • Go up to filter, pixelate, and crystalize, set the size to whatever you want and click OK.
  • Go up to filter, stylize, and find edges.
  • Change your layer type from “Normal” to “Multiply“.
  • Now you can change your background layer’s hues and tones to your preferences.

Here is the finished product (from the video):


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