Featured: csabatokolyi

Dance of the Medicine Man / A Sámán tánca

Taken by: Csaba Tökölyi

Csaba is a highly celebrated artist from Hungary. I am left completely in awe of his work with the Nikkor 300mm f/2.8 that he uses to capture some of the best avian photography pictures I have ever seen. The detail, focus, and colors are all rendered perfectly and his timing is superb. I absolutely cannot extol this man enough, and I must say that it was tough to only choose one picture for this feature. However, bird photography is not how Tökölyi got his start. No, Csaba was first drawn into photography when he began diving. As such, he has a staggering collection of underwater pictures too! Hopefully you can appreciate the difficulty of both of these types of photography that Csaba has clearly mastered. You can visit his photostream here, or visit his personal website here. And I can’t resist, so look at this one last picture here. Have a nice day, go out and take some shots!


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