Featured: Lucie Averill

Red River... Red Sky

Taken By: Lucie Averill

Every photographer has a schtick, something they do frequently and well. Lucie makes the cliched beach scene dynamic, and “in your face.” She captures all the noise, and drama, and yet all the calmness and subtleties of a beach. This takes skill. Her horizontal vanish points and epic reflections on damp sand make her art intriguing and enjoyable. This picture in particular is my personal favorite. The texture of the pebbled beach and the colors (oh my god, the colors) create drama and contrast. Both of which I love so very much. Please, do yourself a favor, and check out her photostream. Though she takes picture of beaches, they will never be your standard or expected shot. Lucie Averill ditches the cliche and creates her own new world of capturing beauty.


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