Featured: Midnight – Digital

Lost Territories
Taken by: Chris Dessaigne

Today’s feature is a little darker than some of our other posts, but I think that it is really thought provoking and intriguing. Many of Chris’ pictures take the viewer away to bleak futures, and crumbling realities. Brilliant editing and a healthy imagination have taken Chris a long way and are used nicely with his chosen landscapes of urban decay. Although I can’t say that I recommend going to these abandoned or breaking old buildings (mostly because I myself am afraid!) I am fascinated by the pictures that Mr. Dessaigne has crafted. I honestly cannot begin to explain how impressed I am by these moody shots, and it was near impossible to choose just one to go with this post. Check his photostream here, and his website here. Seriously, go check out that site! You will not regret it. Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions regarding future posts, features, and the new site layout!

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I don’t normally do this, but like I said I had a very hard time of choosing only one picture. Here are some more favorites in no particular order
“From A Silent Surface”
“The Pythia”
“Tomorrow Never Knows”


Sorry for the overload!


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