Featured: theblackstar

Triptychs of Strangers #20, The Analog Lover - London

Taken By: Adde Adesokan

Who doesn’t love a nice triptych? Especially one of a stranger, and especially one taken by a street photographer as talented as Adde Adesokan. Mr. Adesokan  does exactly what I want to do with my photography, but never quite can. He makes this extremely difficult genre of photography seem effortless. This particular triptych out of his set caught my eye because of the Rolleiflex! Look at that fabulous camera! It was a great find on Adde’s part and makes me all the more jealous of his art. The sharpness and clarity of his work is always astonishing as well. The detail in faces and skin make everything seem gritty, in a really really good way. The exquisite detail and focusing points of this particular portrait is spot on.The most memorable and admirable think about Adde is that he accompanies every one of his photos with a story. Each story is particular to the picture and this makes his work very honest. I think that he captures the purity of photography, the street, and of people. Adde Adesokan creates a story with each of his photos, which is what photography is all about really. Please read his stories, please experience his art. It is well worth it!


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