Featured: Elena Karagyozova

Taken by: Elena Karagyozova

I chose this shot because I have had a personal quest to take a shot very similar to this for the last two years! I have always wanted to take a portrait in the middle of a snow storm and I really don’t know why… It just appeals to me. In my mind, the snow can add so much interest and emotion to the picture. Snow can help convey the jovial smile of children at play, or it can add a cold, depressed mood to an image; snow can be a powerful element in any photo, and Ms. Karagyozova has used it exquisitely. This image was taken at just the right moment, and the slight over-exposure adds perfectly to the expression on the child’s face to make the mood of the image simple and joyful. A lot goes into shots like this to make me as a viewer react the way I do. It is no accident that this picture is so nice. In fact, pretty much all of Elena’s portraits are spot on just like this one. Her unique style of editing, posing, timing, and art have landed her with a thoroughly impressive portfolio of portraiture. I encourage you to view it on her photostream here.


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