Featured: Caras Ionut

Getting cold II by Caras Ionut (carasionut)) on 500px.com
Getting cold II by Caras Ionut

I am having a “thing” for unique portraits lately. But The coolest thing about this photographer is his photo manipulations. Caras Ionut is highly skilled in the fields of post processing. All of his photos are extremely processed, which makes them all the more intriguing in my opinion. The over-processed effect can be devastating to most photos, in this case, with this photographer, it is a fabulous thing. Mr. Ionut takes everything ordinary and makes it extraordinary. He manipulates the sky, the trees, the ground, the people, the everything. He makes a cooler world than the one we live in now. His world is definitely filled with drama, suspense, and compel. The darkness and storminess in all of his photos is unusually pleasant but also dramatic. His blog shows an interesting composite of the multiple pictures that make just this one picture. It is certainly worth a checkout!  The snow is my favorite part in this particular photo. In the end I am extremely envious of Mr. Ionut’s talent (and probably patiences) with his postprocessing.


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