Featured: McSnowHammer

Calm before the Storm

Taken By: Mattias Hammar

So this is an amazing take on infrared. Infrared to me is a striking sky, and a calm breezy day. This is not; it is tumultuous and rather intense. Though this may be different than what I automatically think of when I think infrared, it is all the better because of it! The dark barn and the light trees make an interesting contrast. And no need to worry, Mr. Mattias Hammar gives the entire infrared spectrum (Hah. So ‘punny’). He has the classic lazy skies and bright pink trees that make infrared so interesting, but he also has dramatic and unconventional pictures like this one. Some of my favorite from him are dramatic seascapes where he turns the typical into intriguing and almost otherworldly. His photostream shows the talent that can be brought about with such a fabulous converted camera. What makes this guy even cooler, is that he converted his camera by himself!! That takes nerves, and skills.  Mr. Hammar was a recent find for me on Flickr, but he is sure to be a longtime contact whose work I look forward to admiring! Check him out please!! :)


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