Featured: Chin Chinau

The Crew
Taken by: Nacho Cosio

I know that this type shot has been done before and that it will most definitely be done again, but that makes me respect Nacho even more for bringing a new life into an old shot. The dramatic lighting and mood of the picture really draw the viewer in and the title makes me think about what it must have been like to be there taking the shot. All else aside, enough cannot be said about this mastery of lighting. The forms are crisp and silhouetted (always a challenge during a long exposure), the sparks just hint ever so subtly at what is scattered about on the floor, and the setting is just dimly lit enough to be mysterious. I hope that this picture impresses you as much as it impresses me (hopefully it at least makes you want to do more than just light steel wool on fire – play safe!). Please view his photostream here, and check out other cool shots by Nacho Cosio.


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