Featured: Ar’alani

A Quiet Evening at Comet Falls
Taken by: Ara Roselani
I have spent the last half hour perusing through Ara’s photostream and I have fallen in love with the awesome images of waterfalls throughout the Northwestern corner of the contiguous US. Roman and Emily and I had been trying to plan a trip out to the area where these pictures were taken and even though that probably will not pan out this year, Ara has made me not want to give up on the trip. I love photostreams like this because they always make me want to go out and take pictures. Even now as I write this I feel like I’m being lazy! Why don’t I go explore a forest? Heck, you’re inside reading this now too so why don’t you go and explore! As you browse through Ara’s photostream (here) and her personal website (here) don’t skip over the Star Wars pictures, they make me chuckle :)
Dorothy, we aren't on Endor anymore.


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