Featured: Alex Penfold


Taken By: Alex Penfold

Well. I love Aston Martins. Also, I love this photographer. Alex Penfold seems to specialize in car photography, or at least his photostream suggests so. He does not take pictures of just any cars though, his work displays the might, power, and sheer boldness of super cars. I have a not-so-secret obsession with pretty cars, and Alex picked one of the prettiest here (Well at least in my opinion, if you think otherwise comment and tell me your opinion of prettiest car!) What Alex does best is discovering super cars in their “natural habitat.” He scouts for cars on the street and somehow makes them blend with their surrounding without ever taking the focal point off of them. He makes the wild and outlandish speed, extravagance, and poise of super cars all the more super. Please take a look at his stream if you are even remotely a car lover, actually, if you own a car, have ever driven a car, or have ever seen a car, look at his photostream. It is worth it! The best part about this amazing photographer is that he is ONLY 18 years old!!!! That gives me so much hope as a photographer (But also makes me super jealous that I am not as cool as he is)


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