Neutral Density Filters Video

While I covered some uses of a neutral density filter in the video, I did forget to mention a couple of things. In the video I focused on using neutral density filters for a long exposure. I also mentioned it can be used to expose for a longer period of time, while still using a large aperture. What I failed to mention was that neutral density filters are also used to expose a photograph at a relatively fast shutter speed with a wide open aperture. Sometimes, photographers like to take photographs during the middle of the day, using an aperture of, lets say, f/1.8. This can be problematic, because shooting at this aperture is letting in a lot of light, and the camera might not be able to shoot fast enough to correctly expose the photograph. If that’s the case, a neutral density filter can be used to help the photographer obtain a correct exposure, while still using an aperture of f/1.8. I forgot to mention this during the video.


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