Destinations: Cherry Springs State Park

Cherry Springs State Park is, well, a state park located in Northern Pennsylvania. The park itself is a dark sky reserve, meaning that at night there is very little light pollution obscuring the stars. This makes it a haven for astronomers and astro-photographers, who go there to use the park’s rental telescopes, or to simply take pictures of the milky way. The park is separated into two main sections: the astronomy field, and the camping field. The astronomy field has stricter rules about what kind of light you are allowed to use, and forbids the making of any campfire. The camping field is exactly what it sounds like. It is a field better suited for the average camper, who is there to enjoy the view, rather than take photographs or use the on site rental telescopes. The camping field also permits campfires, and is therefore better suited to those who wish to sit around a campfire with family or friends.

4639 Cherry Springs Road
Coudersport, PA 16901

Aside from camping and viewing the beautiful light show up above, Cherry Springs also offers activities during the day. The park has a hunting section, picnic tables, it offers trails for hikers, and even trails for mountain bikers. The park has sanitary stations (bathrooms), and every campsite includes a fire-pit, lantern hanger, and picnic table.

Cherry Springs operates on an honor system. The park rangers ask that for every night you stay, you donate $10 to the park rangers outpost. At the outpost you will find a registration form that asks how many nights you stayed, how many people were in your party, and a series of other questions. The price goes up for every tent you have. So for two tents you would be asked to donate $20 per night. This is still a relatively affordable price when compared to other campgrounds that charge visitors money to stay. If you take into consideration the available clean facilities, picnic tables, and lantern hangers, you’ll see that the price is definitely worth it. Below you will find some sample pictures that AvidVisions members have taken at Cherry Springs.

Parallel Late

If you haven’t already done so, we recommend watching the video!


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