How to Take Pictures of Fireworks

In this video, I explain a simple way to get the fireworks pictures you want to help you celebrate the 4th of July the photographer’s way!

Here is a rough outline of the steps I go through in the video:

Step 1: Bring the right gear
range of focal lengths
remote shutter release

Step 2: Arrive early and know the area
find out where fireworks are being shot from
get on a high vantage point
beat the crowd and get the good spots
set up your camera while there is still light
try to not be downwind of the blasts

Step 3: Getting a correct exposure
Stay in manual
Long shutter speed
What type of shot do you want? Silhouette or some detail in the foreground

Step 4: Take more pictures than you know what to do with

Have a good time, and stay safe! Don’t blow yourself up this year.


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