Featured: Acrol

Taken By: Ron French

It’s always in the dead of winter that I get these urges to go out and take infrared and macro pictures, and because everything is dead outside where I live I have to resort to lurking around flickr to simply enjoy the foliage. Sometimes living vicariously isn’t too bad because it leads me to stumble upon some lesser-known gems of flickr, which brings me to today’s feature. Ron French describes himself as an avid nature and landscape photographer who has been working with infrared for about forty whole years now! Simple yet dramatic compositions of (what I presume is) the English countryside greet you on each new page of his photostream, and some pleasant wildlife photography has been sprinkled throughout just in case you aren’t as fond of the IR spectrum as I am. ¬†Hopefully you get the same, springy feeling that I get when you look through Acrol’s photos and can take some time to appreciate the nature around you even in the middle of the bleak, bleak December that many of us currently find ourselves in. If you like this picture, I encourage you to view more of Ron’s work and visit his personal website here. Congratulations on today’s feature.


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