Featured: Altus

Taken By: Altus Wilder

My last featured post was a tribute to the summer I wish I was currently having, but in this next feature I want to celebrate some of the things that make winter fun. It is finals week for me currently, and while I study, study, study this weekend all I can think about is snowboarding. Although a few of Altus’ pictures are more edited than would I normally prefer, I love the carefree feel of his work and I think that it is a very cool look into a part of the world that I have never been to. The tasteful use of color filters also interests me and adds a unique style of many of Altus’ pictures.  There are also a lot of compelling reasons to get a fisheye buried in his photostream, which I recommend checking out (again, see the link below the picture or just click on the picture itself!). Hopefully everyone out there reading this can take a break from all of the crazy they are dealing with and enjoy this awesome stream of images!

NOTE: We contact all photographers that we feature because we respect their work as being their own. That said, please refrain from downloading and reproducing these images. If you like the pictures, try contacting the photographer!


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