CowboyStudio Four Strobe Lighting Kit Review

In this video, Connor reviews the CowboyStudio four strobe lighting kit. This version included:
4x – Lighting Stands
4x – 160 Watt Strobes (a total of 640 Watts of lighting)
3x – 28″x20″ Softboxes with strobe mounts
1x – Light modifier set (barn door, honeycomb, and gel filters with mount)
1x – Boom arm with mounts and sandbags (weights/sand not included)
1x – Wireless trigger and reciever
1x – Large carrying case to fit everything in

The kit is available from amazon here:

This kit is an amazing value for people who want to get into studio photography on a budget. Although this kit might be lacking raw flash power and leaves a lot to be desired in terms of durability, it gets the job done and it does it well.

This kit works well with any DSLR that has a standard hotshoe flash mount.

Build Quality – 4/10
Value for money – 9/10
Power – 6/10
Ease of use – 6/10

Overall – 6/10

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